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STONE CRAFT, located in new Bern, NC, is a manufacturer of quality handcrafted stone veneer. Quality handcrafted stones from Stone Craft are the perfect stone veneer for almost any application where a stone look is desired, but weight, cost, and appearance are factors. By using Stone Craft stone, you can expect to save approximately 25%-60% over natural stone.

The best thing about Stone Craft stones is the way they look. Craft stones are exact duplications of natural stones, which were carefully selected for their look, feel, beauty, shape, and texture. Stone Craft stones are individually produced with our specially formulated lightweight concrete mix design. Only the highest quality Portland cement, lightweight expanded day aggregate, and various color pigments of iron oxide are used to produce our remarkable stone. Stone Craft stones weight approximately 6-10 lbs.per square foot, are non-flammable and virtually maintenance free. They will continue to look great for many years.

Stone Craft stone enhances the appearance of everything it touches. It can be used indoor or outdoor, in your business, home, garden, barbecue, fireplace, or exciting decor element. Our stone can be applied to any structurally sound surface such as wood, sheet rock, metal, block, or brick. When installing stone veneer, you may want to use professional installers; however, installation of lightweight stones is so installer friendly and easy, you may choose to install them yourself. Stone Craft will be delighted to guide you with your do-it-yourself stone project.

Because Stone Craft products are handcrafted and replicate natural stone, variations in color and thickness and desirable and should be expected. Final stone outcome is influenced by factors not controllable such as humidity, air temperature, aggregate variations ,ect. When purchasing multiple pallets of stone, it is recommended that the installer mix stone products from each pallet.