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What is manufactured stone veneer?
Stone veneer is manufactured stone that is cast in molds of real stone. Veneer stones are duplicates of natural stone which were carefully selected for their look, feel, beauty, shape and texture.

What is manufactured stone made of?
Stone Craft of NC stones are individually hand crafted with our specially formulated light weight concrete mix design. We use the highest quality Portland cement, lightweight aggregates, and various pigments of iron oxide to produce our remarkable stone.

What is the difference between manufactured stone and natural stone?
Manufactured stone veneer is preferred over natural stone because it is much lighter than natural stone. The significant difference in weight greatly impacts the installation requirements and thus the cost of the project.

What are the benefits of manufactured stone?
Manufactured stone is significantly lighter than natural stone. These light-weight properties results in reduced foundation and footer costs, lower transportation costs, lower skill level required of installers, and lower waste factor. Stone veneer can be used where and when natural stone could not be used. Manufactured stone veneer will generally cost 30%-50% less than natural stone.

How heavy is manufactured stone veneer?
Our manufactured stone veneer weighs approximately 7-12 lbs. per square foot.

Where can Stone Craft of NC stone be used?
Our stone can be applied to any structurally sound, clean and properly prepared surface. With proper preparation, stone can be applied to wood, metal, brick or block. It can be used on large or small projects, interior or exterior, on residential or commercial projects, on new construction or renovation projects.

Can I install Stone Craft of NC stone myself?
Our stone is so installer friendly that many people choose to do their own installation, however, you may want to use experienced professionals. We will be delighted to assist you in any way possible.

Can veneer stone be cut?
Our stone can easily be cut or trimmed using a wide- mouth nipper, masonry blade, or diamond blade.

Does stone veneer color fade?
Stone Craft of NC stones are manufactured with color that is blended throughout the entire stone. Additional pigments are absorbed by the stone during the casting process. All colors become an integral part of the stone. We use mineral iron oxide pigments, which also give color to many natural stones. There are no noticeable changes in color after many years of weathering.

How thick is the stone?
Our stone is generally ¾" to 2 ½" thick depending on the stone style. There will be roughly an additional ½" to 1" of mortar thickness behind the stone.

Can I use stone veneer for walkways, patios, pools or ponds?
Stone veneer is not recommended for use in horizontal applications such as patios or walkways. It is also not intended for use below water lines in fountains, pools, ponds or below grade.

Stone Craft of NC manufactures a wide variety of pre-cast pavers designed for horizontal applications such as patios, and walkways.

Does Stone Craft of NC manufacture other products my project will need such as column caps, wall caps, bull nose step treads, patio pavers, trim stones, fireplace mantles, etc?
Stone Craft manufactures a very broad selection of related products to assist you in completing your project.

Is Stone Craft of NC stone combustible?
No. Our stone veneer is not combustible with no smoke development.

Can we install stone veneer around a fireplace?
Our stone is frequently used as a veneer facing on fireplaces. It can not be used in the firebox.

How is stone cleaned?
To clean dirt use a soft bristle brush with a mild detergent mixed with water. You may also choose to use a solution of 1 part white vinegar to 5 or 6 parts water. Rinse thoroughly any detergent or vinegar and water solution. Do not use power washers, paint remover, bleach or other harsh chemicals.

What installation material is needed to install stone veneer?
There are several materials that are used. Some installers use thin set mortar, Type S or N cement with masonry sand or premixed product. We offer pre-mixed cement specifically designed for stone installation. Call us to discuss the pluses and minuses of these materials.

How are Stone Craft of NC products sold?
Flat stone is sold by the square foot, corner pieces are sold by the linear foot, and accessories are sold by the piece.


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